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China-Malaysia ties enter 'new era', says China ambassador

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China-Malaysia ties enter 'new era', says China ambassador M'sia News

Kuala Lumpur 28th Sept : CHINESE ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian said China-Malaysia ties have entered a new era, as Malaysia welcomes a “New Malaysia” with the Pakatan Harapan government.


About 200 pieces of valuable photos were presented  covering three themes, namely: the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up, the fifth anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the 44-year-long diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. These photos may show vivid recollection on how China and the Chinese people’s lives have been changed; how China’s development has brought impactsand opportunities to the world; and how China and Malaysiarelations have evolved over the past 44 years.  

Bai Tian said, " I can still recall my excitement when I first saw my family’s first set of color TV and refrigerator my parents bought when I was 9 years old, and that was 1980. Today in China,people are talking about things like artificial intelligence, the cashless society, and cloud computing. Last year, according to a survey conducted by Beijing Foreign Studies University among foreign students from 20 different countries, on what are the technological advancements in China that they want to bring back to their countries the most High-speed railway, mobile payment, bike sharing, and e-commerce stand out as the top four. From the pictures you may see by opening up to the outside world, now China has achieved the unprecedented transitionand embarked on a development path that suits its conditions. "

Malaysia is one of the most important and friendly neighboring countries of China, and also one of the earliest countries to support and participate in the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 44 years ago, the friendship and cooperation between China and Malaysia has greatly advanced our respective development processes and brought about tangible benefits to our peoples.Today, China is striving to achieve the “two centenary goals,” while Malaysia has started the journey of building a "New Malaysia." The relations between China and Malaysia has entered a new historical period. We believe there is big potential and bright prospect in the future bilateral relations and cooperation.  
"History is the best textbookthat we can learn from. I believe that through the historical pictures on display, we can review important moments when China and Malaysia overcame difficulties together and how we develop and progress together. I hope we may draw wisdom and strength from these pictures to promote our bilateral relations to new heights. " Bai Tian Quoted.


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