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ASEM summit: China's initiatives for Asia-Europe cooperation

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ASEM summit: China's initiatives for Asia-Europe cooperation China News

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.
ASEM is the most influential comprehensive partnership between Asia and Europe, boosting connectivity in all its dimensions between the two regions.
Premier Li will conduct in-depth exchanges with leaders of various countries, deliver a speech at the summit and elaborate on the important significance of strengthening Asia-Europe partnership and dealing with the common challenges under new circumstances, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Jun said at a briefing conference earlier this month.
He will put forward Chinese initiatives to support Asia-Europe practical cooperation, and express opinions on major international and regional hotspot issues, he added.
China attaches importance to and supports the ASEM process and has, from the very beginning, been taking an active part in it.
Former Chinese premiers Li Peng, Zhu Rongji and Wen Jiabao, former Chinese president Hu Jintao and incumbent Chinese Premier Li Keqiang have attended previous summits from 1996 to 2016, giving important speeches on strengthening Asia-Europe dialogue and cooperation.
China has already put forward more than 30 proposals for practical cooperation during successive ASEM summits, which received wide support. It has been playing a positive role in promoting cooperation and exchanges between Asia and Europe.
1st ASEM Summit:
China pointed out that a new Asia-Europe partnership should have five basic features:
– Respecting each other and treating each other as equals;
– Seeking common ground while putting aside differences and drawing upon each other's experiences;
– Enhancing mutual understanding and trust; 
– Seeking mutual benefit and mutual complementarity; 
– Looking into the future and working for common development.
2nd ASEM Summit:
China rendered support for the establishment of the ASEM Trust Fund. Moreover, China's initiative to convene an Asia-Europe Science & Technology Ministers' Meeting to strengthen science and technology cooperation was incorporated into the Chairman's Statement of the meeting.
3rd ASEM Summit:
China proposed to hold the ASEM Meeting of Environment Ministers, the ASEM Symposium on Forest Conservation and Sustainable Development, and the ASEM Seminar on Combating Transnational Crime, among other suggestions.
4th ASEM Summit:
China proposed to hold the ASEM Seminar on Anti-Terrorism, the ASEM High-Level Conference on Agricultural Cooperation, and the ASEM Conference on Cultures and Civilizations, among other proposals.
5th ASEM Summit:
China and France jointly sponsored the ASEM Declaration on Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations. China also proposed to hold the Asia-Europe Yong Political Leaders Forum, and the ASEM Trade and Investment Exposition.
6th ASEM Summit:
China proposed three specific cooperation initiatives on the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises, on the prevention and control of avian influenza, and on rural development between Asia and Europe. China also announced that it would host the 3rd ASEM Interfaith Dialogue.
7th ASEM Summit:
China proposed four new Initiatives, namely the ASEM Eco-City Network, the ASEM Culture and Art Festival, promoting Asia-Europe trade security and facilitation, and ASEM cooperation on capacity building of disaster relief.
8th ASEM Summit:
China put forward four new specific cooperation initiatives: building the ASEM Water Resources Research and Utilization Center, holding the second ASEM Transport Ministers' Meeting, holding the ASEM Symposium on Sustainable Forest Management to Address Climate Change, and holding the ASEM Technical and Vocational Education and Training Seminar.
9th ASEM Summit:
China put forward four initiatives on deepening Asia-Europe cooperation: holding the ASEM Symposium on the Future Direction of ASEM and increasing annual contributions to the ASEM to 500,000 US dollars.
10th ASEM Summit:
China proposed three practical cooperation initiatives: holding the ASEM Industry Dialogue on Connectivity, building the ASEM cooperation center for science technology and innovation and carrying out ASEM cooperation on disability issues.
11th ASEM Summit:
China proposed two practical cooperation initiatives: holding the ASEM Seminar on All-Dimensional Support to the Financing of SMEs and holding the Asia-Europe High-level Forum on Digital Connectivity.
During the past 11 summits, China's initiatives covered various areas, including trade, environment, anti-terrorism, and high-tech.
More practical measures and plans injecting vitality into Asia-Europe cooperation and resisting protectionism and unilateralism will be expected at the 12th ASEM Summit.
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