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Dripping: the car continues to go offline indefinitely to test the SMS alarm function

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Dripping: the car continues to go offline indefinitely to test the SMS alarm function China News

Drops and drops yesterday on the users most concerned 20 categories of questions for public replies, each from the professional department, and staff signature. Drops in which responded to the one-button alarm function, protect the rights and interests of drivers, protect womens rights and interests, on-line time on the windmill, lost items recovered, queuing problems and other aspects of passenger concern.
Drops and drops said that it will further meet the needs of the public for safe travel, fully implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production and stability maintenance and the rectification requirements of the competent departments and inspection teams, and continue to carry out safety rectification work, while collecting opinions from the whole society.
One touch alarm can send information to emergency contacts.
The function of one button alarm has always been concerned by users. Some passengers question whether the one key alarm is useless. After clicking 110, why cant information be sent directly to the police?
In this regard, drip said that the current one-button alarm function can be achieved: the use of a key to alarm the trip, the page will display the current location and driver information; at the same time, the platform will send travel information to the emergency contact through SMS, and call the emergency contact to inform.

Drops also revealed that a small range of tests are being carried out SMS alarm function, currently open 12110 SMS alarm in Yantai and Jiangmen, users can send travel information directly to the police through the one-button alarm SMS alarm function. Other cities are also actively promoting.

Drip prompt, in case of emergency, please alarm in time, customer service with the polices investigation team 7 * 24 hours response to the police needs, can be completed within 10 minutes of the transfer process.
The car still goes offline indefinitely.
In response to the question of when the windmill business will be launched, the company is making every effort to invest in safety construction. Internal needs to rethink the complexity behind the windmill, reorganize the security, product logic, operating concepts and other aspects, and seek advice from all walks of life. At present, the car still goes offline indefinitely.
Drop customer service will only give coupons?
Prior to this, the customer service of drip constantly questioned, some passengers said that drip customer service is always unable to solve the problem, just a simple record or voucher.
Drip response: At present, we handle more than 2 million daily customer service lines, travel scenarios are extremely complex, some involving costs, passenger disputes, lost goods and other issues into the line, need to repeatedly communicate and verify, it is difficult to make immediate judgment and processing. As for the key issues, the public Council will be launched soon. All users are welcome to participate in the discussion.
At the same time, the recording function on-line provides a strong support for customer service judgment, but forensics is still facing a very big challenge, drops will continue to strengthen customer service capacity-building, comb the authority and process, continue to invest organizations and resources to the safety and experience of service system tilt.
Then ask the car to call first. The order mechanism is different.
In addition, a passenger asked, Why are people queuing up behind me to hit the car first? There are two possibilities: one is that the passengers in the back row use remote dispatching / simultaneous carpooling / point exchange fast lane; the other is that the driver picks up the order ahead of time, and the drivers down-road destination function makes it convenient for the driver to take orders from the same destination in the scene of returning home and doing business. Single, reduce air drive and improve efficiency.
Drop hit black account
A driver chef said, Now there is black production capacity to help drivers wash their accounts, but also let low-service drivers grab big orders, honest drivers can not receive good orders, you in the end care?
Drops said that resolutely and abide by the rules of drivers and masters stand in the same front, and resolutely cooperate with the police to continue to crack down on black products plug-in. The company has set up a black special group for brushing service points, opening trumpets, the use of plug-in robbery orders and other acts resolutely combat, once verified, permanently stop the dispatch of orders and submitted to the police for processing.

Since 2017, the platform has cooperated with police around the country to knock down dozens of criminal gangs involved in the black industry, and permanently stop dispatching orders to more than 400,000 cheating driversaccounts. Please actively report to the customer service around the black production, and we work together to maintain the healthy operation of the platform.

(Source : jqknews- 1 Nov 2018)
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