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PUCM 2019贺岁片《马中友好、世代相传》MV Long Live Malaysia-China Friendship

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PUCM 2019贺岁片《马中友好、世代相传》MV Long Live Malaysia-China Friendship Columnists

PUCM 2019贺岁片《马中友好、世代相传》 PUCM 2019 CNY MV Long Live Malaysia-China Friendship.



故事梗概:中资企业投资大马和当地社会和睦相处,与大马三大民族共同欢庆新春佳节。以三代人同堂演绎华人传统习俗文化知识开始,给新生代讲述马中建交的历史与两国友好关系发展的历程, 希望年轻一代继续传承,寓意马中友好、世代相传

马中企业家联合会成立于2015年,是马来西亚最具活力、最接地气的中国商会。会员大多数为长期在马投资的中国企业家,从3年前的7位创始会员发展到如今的100多位会员,其中有30多位会员与马来西亚人通婚,是名副其实的入乡随俗接地气的中国商会。联合会网站:www.pucm.my ,面子书:pucmmalaysia


PUCM’s 2019 CNY MV is specially dedicated to 45th anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Ties.


The story starts with  a China National in Malaysia celebrating Chinese New Year  with local Malays, Chinese and Indians in harmonious mood. The old generation tells the story of Malaysia-China relationship to the kids and wish “ long live Malaysia-China friendship”.


PUCM , established in 2015, is a proactive, innovative and positive China Association in Malaysia. Over 30 of 100 members of PUCM are spouses of Malaysian, which makes PUCM the most locally recognised China association in Malaysia.


PUCM Website: www.pucm.my facebook : pucmmalaysia

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