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Mahathir confident Proton will do well in Pakistan

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Mahathir confident Proton will do well in Pakistan  M'sia News

TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he is confident that Proton Holdings’ decision to manufacture cars in Pakistan will be successful.
Usually, he said such a venture would be carried out in a more developed country.
“But if they (Pakistan) can build military vehicles, I do not think it is difficult for them to try other things.
“They have a population of about 200 million. If we can make one or two car models, I think Pakistan can do better,” he told Malaysian journalists at the Nur Khan airbase before flying off to Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
The Proton Saga has been chosen as the first model to be marketed in Pakistan, with the manufacturing plant to be located in Karachi.
The target is to produce 25,000 Proton vehicles yearly.
Dr Mahathir said Malaysia and Pakistan could work together in many fields, including the engineering, trade and agricultural sectors.
“We can buy from them, and also sell to them,” he said.
On problems plaguing Malaysia Airlines Bhd, Dr Mahathir said further research was needed because previous steps taken to revive it were “not sensible”.
“We cut 6,000 jobs but also greatly reduced the number of destinations.
“That means the ratio of personnel to the routes being flown is still the same,” he said.
Dr Mahathir said the airline needed a detailed review and if anyone, including those in the private sector, had a suggestion, “we will look into it.”
He said several parties had expressed interest in buying over the troubled national carrier, adding the government would decide on that and on ways to save the airline from further debts.
Before his departure, Dr Mahathir was given a briefing on JF-17 Thunder fighter jets assembled in Pakistan, and also shown the aircraft’s cockpit and interior.
Source : The Star, 27 Mar 2019
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