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PUCM wins Community Contribution Award 2019

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PUCM wins Community Contribution Award 2019 Others

PUCM获社会贡献大奖PUCM wins Community Contribution Award 2019
       马来西亚中国企业家联合会成立于2015年,目前拥有120多家会员企业,是大马最具活力和最接地气的中国商会。PUCM会员积极融入当地社会,并关注社区积极行善 ,获得当地社会的高度认可。会员在多个领域投资,如信息科技、建筑、矿业、石油、天然气、电讯、能源、零售、制造业、教育、医疗、传媒、旅游业等行业,并在大马创造了大量就业机会。

PUCM was established in 2015 and currently has over 120 members. Its the most active and locally recognised China business association in Malaysia. 

PUCM has made the positive contributions to local society in Malaysia. They cycled to raise money for charity, made cultural exchanges with Malaysia students, held dialogues with local community and government representatives, celebrated festivals with Malay Royalty and the Deputy Prime Minister, which was widely reported by local media.
PUCM members invested in a variety of business sectors such as information technology, construction, mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, energy, retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, media, tourism and other industries, and have been making a significant contribution to Malaysia’s economic development.

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