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Intelligent Dredging Experimental Engineering Agreement Signed between Malaysia & China companies

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Intelligent Dredging Experimental Engineering  Agreement Signed between Malaysia & China companies Others


Malaysia’s 1st China  Smart Industry Trade Exhibition  (CSITE) Preparatory meeting &  A.I. Smart City and Intelligent Dredging Experimental Engineering meeting was held in the PUCM office. The meeting was hosted by the representative of the royal family member of Perak and Pahang, Dato’ Azmi and the President of the China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia(PUCM), Dato’ Keith Li Zhongping.


Malaysia Joint Partners of  RMI HARVEST SDN.BHD. and SUPREME BROADWAY SDN.BHD signed agreement with Hong Kong joint partners of   Hong Kong Dragon Holdings Co., Ltd., Bridgewood Worldtrade Holdings Limited and Chang Cheng Berhad . Two parties will be jointly initially  investing total RM500 million on  'A.I.Smart City and Intelligent Dredging Experimental Engineering Framework Agreement',  


Total assets of  Hong kong partners  are  RMB 20 billion. Mr. Guan Ji An, Chairman of  Hong Kong Estate Dragon Holdings Limited, and Mr. Guan You Quan, the shareholders of the company, are experts in famous river dredging and heavy construction machinery. Mr. Guan Zhian is a Master degree of Engineering in Canada and the chief designer of the canal of St.Laurence Seaway in US-Canada. Bridgewood Worldtrate Holdings Limited and Chang Cheng Berhad.are high-tech software development and design companies.

The mission of the Smart City project is to tailor-made, design and build a ‘100% A.I” (fully artificial intelligence) lifestyle and serviced demonstration area for people who prefer high-tech lifestyle , smart working class, including modern living elderly group to live in a better lifestyle for human beings in the planning Putrajaya area in Malaysia.

The intelligent dredging project is based on the widespread blockage of rivers in Malaysia and the flooding. The “smart dredging” system effectively prevents river silt accumulation at the source. 


The intelligent dredging project selects two experimental areas:




After the dredging, the whole river intelligent automatic tracking graphic system will be designed to reflect the situation of river sand piled up at any time, design an unmanned dredging cruise ship, and go to the sand-absorbing and guiding according to the illustrated dumping location to keep the river channel unblocked and prevent deeper. Stacked to effectively prevent floods.


The parties jointly designed and applied for patents, and jointly participated in the “Malaysia 1st China Smart Industry   Trade Exhibition(CSITE)” held in December 2019.

Dato Yan Mengjie, Chairman of SUPREME BROADWAY SDN.BHD, Yang Xue Wen, CEO of China Telecom Malaysia, Elvin Mok CEO of Chang Cheng Bhd also joined the meeting.

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