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"2019 Asia Pacific Hotel Design°§Gani Marble Tile Summit "successfully held in Kuala Lumpur

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"2019 Asia Pacific Hotel Design°§Gani Marble Tile Summit "successfully held in Kuala Lumpur Others

( Kuala Lumpur 23 August ) : Asia Pacific Hotel Design · Gani Marble Tile Kuala Lumpur Summit Forum' was successfully held in Pavilion Hotel KL. The Forum was organized by The Asia Pacific Hotel Design Association (APHDA) and sponsored by Gani Marble Tile with the attendance of 300 people from hotel design elites , international hotel management groups, Malaysia's top ten well-known real estate developers, Malaysia & China Government organisations etc.  



The forum is aiming  to promote industry design innovation and regional cultural integration, to help the hotel design industry development and promote the common prosperity of man and nature. Through the exchange of this forum, the designer's innovative thinking has been greatly stimulated, and the new vision of design has been broadened. It is the fundamental goal of green design to reduce environmental pollution and save natural resources, which reflected the designer's moral and the return of social responsibility.


APHDA was established in 2010. It is a professional non-governmental design group organised by the People who  engaged in hotel design and related industries.  The association serves as the consultant and core leader of the world-renowned hotel design masters, gathering industry elites including architectural design, lighting design, furnishings design, landscape design, hotel management, art consultants, materials supply and other departments.

(Mr. Guan Yongquan, President of APHDA delivered his welcome speech)

£® Founder of LTW shared his experience with guests)

The title sponsor Gani Marble tile was set up in 2009 , providing high-end, environmentally-friendly decorative materials which has been  known as 'revolutionary decorative materials'  with ISO (quality, environmental protection, health, energy saving)  standard at 4 major certified brands.  

(Mdm Feng Juan and his Chief Designer Stefano Trovato made Gani's Sustainable Declaration on the summit)

The Gani products have been exported to more than 70 countries including Italy and France. They have served 48 world-renowned projects and more than 1 million high-end families. Gani has over 600 authorised stores in China while abroad have 66 brand stores and exhibition halls, which widely used in high-end hotel projects, including Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotel and others.  


( Dato'Keith li, President of China Entrepreneurs Association In M'sia gave his welcome remarks )

'2019 Asia Pacific Hotel Design·Gani Marble Tile Kuala Lumpur Summit Forum' is a pioneering exploration event in the industry. It gathered many industry elites in the Asia-Pacific region to explore the innovation of hotel design which increased the industry communication and learning among designers in the  region. It put forward the leading role and importance of “sustainable” green ecological design in the future, calling on the industry to undertake the social mission and actively carry forward the designer's ingenuity. The forum also provided a stage for exchanging ideas with  innovative development in the whole industry and striving for the well-being of people in the regions. The forum has integrated the international advanced design concepts and landscape vision, which opened up a new trend of design in the future.


(Summit attracted over 300 design industry player from Asia Pacific countries)



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