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The Edges inaugural Centurion Club Awards honours mid-cap companies

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The Edges inaugural Centurion Club Awards honours mid-cap companies Others

The Edge Media Group kicked off its inaugural The Edge Malaysia-Centurion Club & Corporate Awards 2019 tonight to celebrate and recognise the country’s best-performing mid-cap companies. A total of 34 awards were presented to 25 companies at an exclusive dinner event graced by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“The Edge Malaysia-Centurion Club & Corporate Awards 2019 honour the best-performing companies in Malaysia with a market capitalisation of RM100 million to below RM1 billion. Our objective is to encourage Malaysian companies to be more efficient, competitive and successful while being socially responsible,” said The Edge Media Group chairman Datuk Tong Kooi Ong in his welcome address.
This year, there are 423 The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club members with a collective market capitalisation of RM133.3 billion as at March 29. They made a collective pre-tax profit of RM8.2 billion for the financial year 2018 (FY18), just below FY17's RM12 billion and FY16's RM9.4 billion. 
The companies raked in a net profit of RM4.3 billion for FY18, compared with FY17's RM7.2 billion and FY16's RM5.8 billion. The total shareholders’ fund grew to RM188.2 billion (FY18) from RM186.4 billion (FY17) and RM179.4 billion (FY16). It is estimated that they contributed RM4 billion in taxes to the country’s coffers in FY18.
Hai-O the night's biggest winner
Hai-O Enterprise Bhd emerged the night's biggest winner, bagging The Centurion of The Year Award, recognising the best performer among Centurion members.
It also won two awards — the Highest Growth in Profit after Tax over Three Years and the Highest Returns to Shareholders over Three Years — under the Consumer Products & Services sector.
The two sectoral awards Hai-O won are part of three award categories spread across 12 sectors, with the third category being the Highest Return on Equity over Three Years.
To qualify for these corporate awards, a member of The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club must be listed for at least four calendar years before the cut-off date of end-March of the current year, as companies are evaluated based on their financial performance over three years.
Following a stringent and transparent assessment, the results were audited by Deloitte Malaysia.

(Source: The Edge Markets)

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